Booking your lessons
After you have checked the class schedule, calculated the time difference, i.e., if your local time is different from the conversation partner's local time, then, you decide what classes you want to book (you can register for 2, 3 or 4 classes. We highly recommend that you register for 4 classes to have continuity and more practice. With the form you can book a maximum of 4 classes. However, if you want to register for more than 4 classes, you can rebook by filling in the form with new dates (to do this successfully, you need to reenter the web pager class booking).  With speaking, the longer you practice, the better. Once you decide, fill the form below. You can also upload articles, pictures, photos or any other visuals if you want to discuss them with your conversation partner. All the materials from you will be securely stored on converseRight computer in a folder under your name. Secondly, if you upload them at the time of booking your classes, your conversation partner will be better prepared to talk about them when you log on for your class. Once you get an acknowledgment and a an invoice from PayPal, make the payment through PayPal using your debit or credit card. 

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