​Once you decide the package (number of classes), 
i. Book your lesson/s by filling in the Online Class Booking Form and submit. 
ii. You will then receive a Paypal invoice for the package you booked. Make payment via PayPal .
iii. Once the payment is made, you will receive a payment receipt and a confirmation of your class booking with details of your booking and your conversation partner's Skype ID as well as phone number. 
iv. All classes that are booked, will show UNAVAILABLE on the class schedule calendar.
v. At the scheduled time, log on to Skype or be available on the phone and your coversation partner will be waiting for you.

You are now all set for your lesson/s.   

Additional Lessons

If you require additional lessons, start all over, follow the same procedure as above.

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Compositions A-B

  Package                                                 Number of classes                                         Charges

  Package (a)                                      2 classes of 50 minutes each                                              USD 40.00

  Package (b)                                      3 classes of 50 minutes each                                              USD 50.00

  Package (c)                                      4 classes of 50 minutes each                                              USD 65.00

          After 2 or 4 classes, if you want to register for an additional 4 classes, we           offer a special discount (see below).
Charges are based on the number of classes you choose.
All individuals registering for converseRight are required to be able to speak and understand English at a basic (sentence) level.  
Our recommendation

If you want to improve your English conversation skills, you need plenty of practice. This is particularly so with speaking and listening. Speaking is often connected with listening. For example, the two-way communication makes up for the defect inherent with traditional learning. The two-way communication can lengthen the dialogue limitlessly. With the conversation partner's support and because it is just you and your partner, you can talk freely and express yourself more openly. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not stop with one or two classes. Keep practicing with us. With all the help and encouragement we give you,  you will enjoy every moment of your time with us and will not regret joining our online one-on-one classes.

After 4 classes, if you re-enrol, for either 2, 3 or 4 lessons, you will be offered a special discount. The subsequent packages of 2 lessons will only cost you USD 35.00, subsequent classes of 3 lessons will only cost USD 40.00 and subsequent classes of 4 will only cost USD 60.00.
What does the converseRight package include?

​Every package includes 2, 3 or 4 classes of 50 minutes each. Before class, you can either:
a) choose a topic (enter your choice/s in the form at the time of booking the class) or you can leave it open and you and your conversation partner can start the conversation and see where it goes. 


b) you may want to discuss a topic based on the visual you upload to the Class Booking Form.

If option (b), please attach the appropriate document/s, photo or whatever you like that could become the topic of discussion.
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