Most people who learn a second language would like to master enough of that language to be able to engage in basic conversations when meeting people, either in social or business settings. Communication is more than just exchanging information. It's about: 

- understanding the emotion and intentions behind the conversation. 
- conveying a message in a way that it is understood right by the listener ⎯ not misinterpret your intention.

For the above to happen successfully and effectively, you need practice, plenty of it. However, it is not always possible because of time constraints, travel constraints and most importantly a chance to meet people and make a conversation in English. A very useful answer is online classes and one-on-one. Therefore converseRight!
Why is one-on-one and online better than attending a class?

Practice Conversation Skills Online                                                    Terms of Use 
                           Group class

Travel to where your class is. You are under time pressure.

Books, prepare for presentations (group, individual), assessments, grades etc.

No embarrassment.

Other students to share teacher's attention.

No flexibility in terms of class structure and pace. Your teacher is in control.

Other students who are more confident or more vocal dominate others who are not.

Classes are at fixed times. You have to make time based on the class schedule, 

                                      One-on-one online

Distance is no problem. You don't travel to go to your class. Your class comes to you.

No books, no curriculum. Minimum preparation before class.

​Don't have to compete with others in your class. No need to worry if you are saying things right, if you are making mistakes.

Teacher's 100% attention is on you. You will get instant feedback on your stress, intonation, vocabulary, pronunciation, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Classes are personalized. You have greater control. You have more opportunities to ask questions.You have the freedom to choose any topic you like.In short, choose your place, time and topic. Study in a stress-free learning environment. Say what is on your mind and then go with the flow - move on to wherever the conversation takes you. 

With one-on-one, you are the boss,  It is up to you, how to maneuver yourself into a friendly conversation or even lead the conversation. Your conversation partner is there as a facilitator.

Classes are available through the day and night (depending on which part of the world you are located). You just have to pick a time most suitable to you.
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