Class Registration Procedure 
ConverseRight provides one-on-one conversation practice lessons using Skype or faceTime on iPhone. Our conversation partners are qualified teachers with several years of experience in teaching ESL. You can engage yourself in fun and meaningful conversation and can do this without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home or office, or wherever you are with access to the Internet. 

Practice Conversation Skills Online
1. Check times available.
(click the link on the right for Class Schedule)
2. Use the Time Zone converter to compare with your local time and pick a convenient time (see class schedule)
3. Fill in the Class Booking Form to give your details and book a class (click the link on the right) 
4. Receive a PayPal invoice with charges.(Refer to our page on Pricing) 
5. Make the payment and receive an acknowledgment. 
6. Log on to your Skype account at the scheduled time. Your conversation partner will be waiting for you at the other end of the line or be available on your phone.
Please follow the procedure given below. Your conversation class will be most productive if you can give us as much information as possible using the Class Booking Form. This can help us prepare conversation topics/materials that will suit your needs. 

The class schedule is updated every month showing the timings when a conversation partner is available.  They will be further updated as and when the spots get filled. 

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Book a 
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