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The calendar shows days and times a conversation partner is available. Please note that the conversation partners are located in different parts of the world. To see their  timezone, click on the calendar. A callout /box appears and it will show your conversation partner's local time, for example, Chicago, US. Before selecting a time, make sure to convert your conversation partner's time to your local time, so that there is no confusion with the timing. You can do this by clicking on the Time Zone Converter (click on the image below). Once you have worked out the time difference, choose suitable times and day/s, enter your choice in the calendar below (refer to the procedure). Once a class is booked, that time slot will be blocked for you and on the calendar it says "Booked - Not available". An email will be sent to you with detailed information on your class booking.

Available class times (Class Schedule)
Time Zone converter
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When you click on the time zone converter, you will see four boxes (like in the image to your right) where you can convert to your local time. But first, click on the day/time given on the calendar.

Note: If you want to request a particular time on a particular day, you can send in a request through the contact form, and we will try and accommodate.