Lesson Objectives
Effective spoken communication requires being able to express your ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely in speech. Most importantly,  communication must be stress-free and free-flowing both for you and for those you are talking to. When this happens,  your audience / friends/ strangers / acquaintances will:  
a) feel  comfortable; 
b) get interested in what you are saying;  and
c) enjoy talking to you. 

The above requires self-confidence which comes from an ability to speak on a variety of topics . If you want to make sure that your audience is comfortable speaking to you,  you should show interest in what the other person is saying. This involves asking questions and more importantly, LISTENING to what the other person is saying! !

Practice Conversation Skills Online
How can converseRight help you to achieve the above?




    - become a little more confident when speaking in English;
    - understand new words and phrases in English;
    - be able to come up with the right words and will be more comfortable using them;
    - be less anxious to talk to strangers in English;
    - hesitate or pause to a much lesser extent when conversing in English;
    - be reasonably confident with conversing on different topics in English.

So, at the end of every lesson, you will become a little more confident and a little more fluent with speaking in English and hopefully, would want to come back to your next class with converseRight!

We, at ConverseRight believe that the best way for our clients to gain fluency in speech and build self-confidence is to provide  them a stress-free environment. Therefore, our speaking classes are semi-structured, i.e. you can decide the topic/s of each lesson. There is no pre-determined format. Your conversation partner will act as a facilitator and guide you in such a way that promotes a smooth flowing conversation.  

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Our aims and objectives
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Compositions A-B
All individuals registering for converseRight are required to be able to speak and understand English at a basic (sentence) level

At the end of 4 classes with converseRight, you will be able to: