ConverseRight is an online service assisting those who like to practice their conversation skills on a one on one basis

Practice Conversation Skills Online
Practice Conversation Skills Online
Is Online a better platform for learning?
Gives you the freedom to choose the times most suitable to you and a conversation partner you are most comfortable with!
Distance is no problem. Don't need to wait in line at the bus stop or taxi stand to go to class. You can have your lesson sitting at home on the couch, your bed, outside in a park or even in a restaurant. 
You can be anywhere in the world as long as you have  an Internet or Wifi connection
Non regimental. No classrooms, no curriculum, no boring presentations, no tests, no competing!
It is as real as you are in the same room with your conversation partner. Remember, though online, you are talking to real people making real conversation. 
How is one-on-one better?
One-on-one gives you a better chance to focus on what the other person is saying, not just on what they are saying but how they are saying it. For example, you will be able to pay attention to stress (relative emphasis given to syllables) and intonation (variation in pitch)
With one-on-one, you will have as much control as you can manage. You can choose the topic, you can change the topic, when and if you wish. You can ask questions without getting interrupted by other participants or being dominated. Most of all, you will experience less hesitation or embarrassment as you and your conversation partner are the only ones interacting.
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